Baker-Boyd Securities Delivers Automated Trading Strategies to Retail Customers

Released on: November 12, 2012, 7:43 am
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Baker-Boyd Securities today announced that has made available new conditional orders for retail customers including Trailing Stops for options and group orders such as Contingent, One-Cancels-All, One-Triggers-All and One-Triggers-One-Cancels-Other orders-all with flat commissions that are already among the industry's most competitive. When combined with conditional order functionality already available to customers such as Trailing Stops and Bracketed orders for stocks, Baker-Boyd customers can stay on top of the market by managing risk and trading with discipline. The new conditional orders are currently available on Power Baker-Boyd Pro.

Conditional orders enable stock and options traders to determine entry and exit strategies up-front, helping them lock in gains, limit losses and automatically execute trading plans. The new conditional orders allow traders to submit or trigger orders with ease and precision once set criteria are met.

"Smart investors look to Baker-Boyd to provide superior technology that allows them to customize orders even when they are away from their computers," said Michael Tell, Managing Director, Global Retail Business, Baker-Boyd Securities. "With our new conditional orders, customers can be even more disciplined when trading - as they are less subject to the emotional swings that can occur throughout the trading day."

Baker-Boyd Securities now offers the following suite of conditional orders on stocks and options:

•  Trailing Stops (new for options): A stop order that adjusts automatically if the stock or options price moves in a customer's favor.

•  Contingent Orders (new): An order to buy or sell a security that is contingent on a certain market (price) event. It can be placed on stock, options or an index.

•  Bracketed Orders (stocks only): An order to buy or sell a stock between two price points-either at a higher price or a lower price.

•  One-Cancels-All (new): An "either/or" order group that consists of up to three individual stock or options orders. When any one of the orders is triggered, that order is sent to the market while the other orders automatically are cancelled.

•  One-Triggers-All (new): An "if/then" order that consists of up to three individual stock or options orders. Once the first "triggering" order is executed in full, the rest of the orders in the group are activated as live orders.

•  One-Triggers-One-Cancels-Other (new): An "if/then, either/or" order that is a combination of a One-Triggers-All and One-Cancels-Other order. Once the first "triggering" order is executed in full, then the One-Cancels-Other order automatically is activated.

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