OKASANA CAPITAL PARTNERS Enters New Zealand with Aggressive Pricing

Released on: November 19, 2012, 7:53 am
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- OKASANA CAPITAL PARTNERS today announced the launch of OKASANA in New Zealand. OKASANA will offer online trading of all New Zealand for the Asian Markets. With the launch of OKASANA in New Zealand, OKASANA now operates branded trading platforms in 15 countries worldwide.

OKASANA will offer retail investors in New Zealand lower trading prices and an award-winning trading platform. Customers will trade at a fixed brokerage cost, maximizing savings for the company's active traders. OKASANAis 100 percent fee free. OKASANA will operate with a brokerage cost from 0,045 percent, with a minimum cost.

Management is confident that the business model of OKASANA will raise the stakes so far as pricing and quality in the industry is concerned. "Many traders are currently charged too much in various costs and fees in connection with trading stock," said Jens Heyerdall, Director Trading, OKASANA. "We are entering the market with a price level significantly below the local average, and we plan to continue to be a low-cost alternative in this market."

Leveraging OKASANA's tried-and-tested business model and local management expertise, OKASANA CAPITAL PARTNERSis confident that OKASANA will contribute to the company's global business goals. Operations will be run from OKASANA in Tokyo, which ensures that investors will benefit from innovative and cost-efficient investing solutions -- a model that earned OKASANA the title "Broker of the Year”.

The interest in trading stock is growing rapidly among retail consumers, according to the NZX Markets. "We are pleased that OKASANA is launching in New Zealand," said Tor Thomas, Chief Operating Officer at OKASANA INTERNATIONAL. "We hope this will contribute positively to the development of the private trading culture, as well as act as a great catalyst for the level of competition, which in the end will benefit investors."

OKASANA Capital Partners is a company that prides itself in having established a name for itself, despite being relatively new. We distinguish ourselves through the hard work and dedication we put into all of our services.

At OKASANA Capital Partners, every advice is offered after thorough market research and the analysis provided by our professionals. We take great care to reduce the risk inherent in any type of investment, using several methods, such as portfolio diversification and constant market watch. Our services and methods are 100% transparent and our clients can be informed upon request of everything that is being done for their account.

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