The same type of stock market metrics now available to the real estate market

Released on: May 18, 2015, 7:02 am (EDT)
Author: SoftWorks Global LLC
Industry: Real Estate

Orlando, FL, May 18, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- SoftWorks Global LLC introduced an iPhone and Android real estate mobile application with the same green and red signals typically found in stock market software, but for the real estate industry targeted to home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors.

The kind of metrics that have been available to the stock market are now available for real estate to home buyers, real estate investors and realtors. Until now it has been difficult for home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors to identify real estate opportunities in a concrete and measurable manner. One of the things the stock market has always had is numerous charts and metrics to identify the deals, both individual stock pickers and stock brokers can easily go to a chart see red and green stocks and know which ones to buy. This same type of metrics has been lacking in the real estate sector.

There is such a tool now for the real estate industry, it is called RealBench; RealBench is a real estate mobile application for home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors. it gives you all the financial numbers you will ever need when buying or selling a home, flip property or rental property. RealBench uses simple green and red signals that makes it simple for anyone to use, just like the stock market signals, but for the real estate industry.

Imagine searching for a real estate opportunity either as a home or investment, going from property to property taking a picture and entering in your mobile phone the basic financial information of the property (price, square footage, down payment ..), and tapping a single button on your phone to tell you with simple green and red signals whether the property is a good buy or not. That’s exactly what RealBench does, green means buy and red means don’t buy, it is that simple.

There are numerous products in the market, but none of them provide simple to read signals that measure the financial characteristics and risks of potential properties using green and red traffic light signals.

Furthermore the app calculates different sets of green and red signals for homes, rental properties and flip properties. The type of metrics a first time home buyer needs to know are different from the metrics an investor needs to know; additionally an investors buying a rental property needs a different set of numbers and signals from an investor buying a flip property. RealBench generates different sets of signals for home, rentals and flip properties, commercial and residential, covering the entire spectrum of real estate purchases.

This is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to buy or sell a home either for personal use, on behalf of a client or as an investment. Home buyers can have confidence about their first or second home purchases, while realtors and real estate investors can maximize profits.

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